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Say hello to MiRo-E!

We’re revolutionising STEM learning with MiRo-E.

MiRo-E’s friendly pet-like appearance and qualities stands out and appeals to everyone. Watch your pupils delight in writing programs that bring their robot to life!


Optimised for Learning.

Create fun and socially engaging classroom experiences!

MiRo-E can see, hear and interact with its environment providing endless programming possibilities that will push student’s creativity. Students learn quickly, enjoy STEM subjects and produce real results.

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Infinite possibilities…

Create the next generation of technology talent.

Using a MiRo-E can create a diverse and collaborative classroom experience where everyone and anyone can be involved! Students can create results that can be related and applied to real world issues.


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Be the first to the MiRoCODE computer-based coding interface.

Students can run through lesson plans and experiment with new ideas. They can test code on the simulated MiRo-E and create new skills that can be applied to a real life MiRo-E.

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MiRo has lots of friends!

MiRo loves making friends and is a highly interactive and naturally inquisitive robot. Check out all the people that MiRo has met and charmed with such a loveable appearance.



MiRo has travelled around the globe.

MiRo has seen mountains, beaches, skyscrapers and even a TARDIS! Where can you explore with MiRo?



MiRo is known worldwide.

We’re delighted by all the press that MiRo has received. True success for MiRo is measured by getting it into schools. Only this way can it begin assisting teachers in educating young people in coding & robotics.

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Want to test a MiRo for yourself?

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