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MiRoCODE V3.01


We’ve been building a computer based program which will transform the way MiRo the robot can be controlled with a Educational Interface. Build your code within MiRoCODE and then test by simulating in MiRoSim and control your robot MiRo. Once you have purchased your MiRo then we can help get you set up with MiRoCODE!


Writing & testing programs to
control robots isn’t easy.

We want to streamline it.

Pupils code using MiRoCODE, the computer-based and user-friendly coding platform that is simple and easy to use. You can write code, simulate the algorithm on our MiRoSim, tweak it to fix any bugs, and then test again.

This iterating of the code helps to instil basic programming behaviours and helps to refine the code into the best result possible.

Once you’re ready, you can launch the code in real life on a MiRo-E robot!


MiRoCODE is designed with both kids & teachers in mind.

The layout is clean and simple, with colours and icons used to give an engaging feel.

As students learn to code and problem solve, they can create whole new sets of behaviours for MiRo.

MiRo-E uses the Blockly language to make coding visually digestible. You can then switch to see the Python script at anytime. This allows pupils to grow in skill and confidence with MiRo as they progress from a great starting point with block based languages through to more advanced text based languages.

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So what is the App built with?

BlocklyAsset 3-8.png

We designed it to recognise Blockly.

This turns sections of code into simple building blocks. A bit like Lego. This turns coding into a visual exercise which can feel more approachable.

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Each block contains Python code.

The universal hardware coding language, this script is the best. Python is a general language which allows small and large scale coding projects.

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ROS is the boss of Robot software.

Flexible framework for writing robot software. Hidden in the back-end of the program, this is what provides an accurate representation in MiRoSim.

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MiRoCODE gives every student in the class a chance to test their code.

With just one or two robots, a whole class can be
learning and developing their programming.

Get a MiRo into your classroom and join the community.