Thank you for buying a MiRo-E, and welcome to our community of creative thinkers and future developers!

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We hope to make your introduction to MiRo-E as smooth as possible so please read through our Owner’s Guide and then proceed with the steps below to get you going with MiRo-E!

  1. Please click here for the simple Unboxing Steps to get your MiRo set up.

  2. Download the MIROapp for Android from the Google Play Store page or from here if you cannot access the Play Store.

    If you need assistance using the MIROapp then please click here for a walkthrough and more information.

  3. We recommend updating your MiRo-E to the latest software update, instructions available here.

  4. Consult the diagram below to get you started with which programming route is best suited to you. Both interfaces are available here and you will need to complete a license agreement so we can verify your purchase of a MiRo-E.

This diagram can help you navigate the MiRo-E ecosystem! It shows the two main methods of programming MiRo-E, which depend on your experience and confidence with coding for robotics.


Please click here for a link to our primary documentation page, from which you can navigate to more detailed information on both using the Physical MiRo-E and for work as a developer.

If you struggle with any step then please post it onto our Support Forum, otherwise you can contact support@consequentialrobotics.com

If you are willing, we would love to get an idea of how you plan to use MiRo-E! If you could fill out the form below with as little or as much information as you like then we can be sure to keep you informed of all the latest updates and extras that are relevant to you.