MiRo-E is here!

Building on knowledge from our MiRo-B, which is being used by researchers and developers in Universities around the World, we have completely re-engineered MiRo’s mechatronics and software to create an ideal companion that has been evolved for education.

MiRo-E with students at a School in North London, UK.

MiRo-E with students at a School in North London, UK.

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Entertaining and emotionally engaging, MiRo-E responds to human interaction

✔ MiRo-E likes to be stroked

Touch MiRo-E and watch him purr, light up, move its ears and wag its tail.

✔ MiRo-E can hear your voice

Clap, speak or make any sound, MiRo-E will move towards you or even away if it is alarmed

✔ MiRo-E can see you & everything around it

MiRo-E likes movement and will follow you as you move

That’s not all. MiRo-E can be easily programmed
to do much more!


So what’s inside?

MiRo-E has been built on years of technical research and multiple MiRo iterations! MiRo-E is jam-packed with a wide range of sensors, significant degrees of freedom of which many provide MiRo-E’s excellent expressive communication abilities. A Raspberry Pi 3B+ core provides a familiar and versatile base for coders of all ages!


Out of the box,
easy to setup and repair

MiRo-E has been pre-assembled and is ready to go! Setup is simple: just connect the batteries, that's it.

We’ve designed MiRo-E to be repairable by the end user, as far as possible. This means no more costly repairs or lengthy time lags waiting for your robot to be repaired in another continent when things go wrong. And if any issues do pop up, we have a top notch support team who aim to answer any questions as painlessly as possible.

Focus on the task at hand!

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Still have technical questions?

Visit our FAQ or visit our Support Forum for help!