Your invitation to the MiRo Developer Workshop and more!

Your invitation to the MiRo Developer Workshop and more!

With researchers and developers using MiRo all over the world, we realised it was time to gather everyone together into a room to unlock the many uses of MiRo-E, the third generation MiRo launched in January 2019! Whether you’re new to MiRo or a seasoned developer, you’ll find this one-stop shop useful and fun. What’s more, you’ll also get to enjoy a beverage or three with the MiRo community.

Now taking orders

Miro E poster-01-01.jpg

We are now taking orders and
our stock will be shipped in April 2019.

The first production run of the new MiRo-E’s has been oversubscribed, with 80% going to respected higher education institutes like The University of Sheffield.

The 3rd generation MiRo-E’s mechatronics have been completely re-engineered and evolved for education with significantly increased performance and responsiveness all round.

Click here to see how MiRo-E and it’s new digital interface could transform learning in your institution.

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