1 x MiRo-E

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1 x MiRo-E


One complete MiRo kit. Access to the MiRoSim App.
Perfect for individuals, workshops & small Classes.
Recommended for groups of 4-8 people

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What will I receive?

Shipped in a large box, we will send out a package containing the following:


1 x MiRo-E (New for 2019)


Access to the MiRoSim App


1 x Charger Module


1 x Owner’s Hand Book


1 x Battery Pack


1 Year Guarantee


Our Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects only, provided that the robot has only been used in the application for which it is intended and that it has not been subjected to misuse or abuse or subjected to an unreasonable lack of care (for specific exclusions, see below).
During the warranty period, which begins on the shipping date, we will repair or replace (at our option) the robot free of charge utilising new or refurbished replacement parts.

To take advantage of this warranty, the robot must be returned to us in its original packaging for inspection at your cost. We will return the robot to you following repair, or otherwise supply a replacement robot, at our cost, and in a reasonable time.
We shall not be obligated to repair or replace the robot, or any part thereof, if we reasonably believe that these actions have been necessitated in whole or in part by: normal wear and tear, accidental damage, fault or negligence on the part of anyone interacting with the robot, misuse or abuse of any kind, electrical fault external to the robot, interfacing with or modification to any part of the robot where not performed by one of our own engineers other than as expressly indicated in the documentation, Act of God.

Repaired or replaced parts, or robots, will remain warrantied until the expiry date of the original warranty (i.e. until one year from the date of original shipping).
Depending on where the robot is supplied, local regulations may confer on you other consumer rights. We will meet the requirements of any such regulation as required by local legislation.

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