Your invitation to the MiRo Developer Workshop and more!

With researchers and developers using MiRo all over the world, we realised that it was time to gather everyone together into a room to unlock the many uses of MiRo-E, the third generation MiRo launched in January 2019! Whether you’re new to MiRo or a seasoned developer, you’ll find this one-stop shop useful and fun. What’s more, you’ll also get to enjoy a beverage or three with the MiRo community.

What is the workshop about?

The 2019 MiRo Developer workshop is an opportunity for researchers, educators and developers to learn about, and create new functionality for, the MiRo robot. The workshop is being organised by Sheffield Robotics in collaboration with the University of Sheffield Diamond, the Department of Computer Science, and Consequential Robotics the creators of MiRo.

What activities are planned?

Day 1: Tutorials on the MiRoSim developer environment and the MiRoCode education environment, including talks from the Consequential Robotics founders (photos below) on:

(i) the ideas and industrial design behind MiRo

(ii) MiRo’s biomimetic brain-based control system and the potential for animal-like robots in education and therapy

(iii) MiRo’s technical capabilities and functionality

And then finishing the day with a social event in the evening!   

Day 2: Participants will work in group projects, decided on day 1, to develop new MiRo functionality. Group activities will be supported by the CQR and Sheffield Robotics technical and research staff.  The day will include discussions around future development and collaboration opportunities.

Who should get involved?

Day 1 is intended for everyone with an interest in using MiRo, particular in the domains of education, therapy and research. Day 2 is targeted towards people with some programming experience (no robotics experience required!).  The workshop is intended for University research and academic staff, postgraduate students (MSc or PhD) and primary/secondary/tertiary educators. Enquiries from commercial companies are welcome.

Spaces are limited so click on the button below to reserve your space!

Can’t make the workshop? Don’t miss your opportunity to meet MiRo and the team this summer by joining any of the events below. We’d love to speak to you in person so drop us a line if you’d like to set up a time in advance.


MiRo and the team will be in Cardiff to mingle with the hipsters! Join us to experience the future of festivals at Bot-Fest 2019, the UK’s first street food and music festival, working with robots. Robots will serve you drinks, play the music and serve your food. Join the party. Saturday 22nd June 2019.

School Robot Competition

For the schoolchildren and schools out there, do you fancy winning your very own MiRo-E? Then don’t miss this opportunity to enter the School Robot Competition! This is a national competition and a joint project of the UK-RAS Network and Twinkl. This gender-balanced competition is open to all UK schoolchildren and students aged from 8 – 14. Schoolchildren can enter by downloading and creating an account through the AR apps or the web platform.

Team entries can win a Miro-E!

Team entries can win a Miro-E!