Product development news: A new release, street food with robots and Bristol.

There is no doubt that 2019 has been a busy year for us, in February 2019, we launched third generation MiRo-E, reengineered for education. With a host of new features and functionality, we continued our quest to unlock more MiRo possibilities to transform the MiRo-E experience. Following months of team meetings, lots of tea, ferocious coding and testing, we’re ready to showcase another MiRo update. To all of our current and future MiRo-E’ers, the Consequential Robotics product development team would like to announce the new software release of MiRoCODE - MiRoCODE V3.01! 


For anyone that has yet to familiarise themselves with MiRoCODE, the browser-based educational coding solution, we highly recommend downloading this version to learn how MiRo-E’ers all over the world are using MiRoCODE to teach coding to pupils of all age groups and abilities. Designed to make coding fun and engaging, MiRoCODE users can teach and learn coding, test their coding using the online simulator and then launch it on the MiRo-E robot.

We hope you’re just as eager as we are to programme many more new MiRo uses and we’ve highlighted just a few key features below that we think you may like. Why not find out for yourself by simply clicking the download button. The V3.01 software release of MiRoCODE for MiRo-E supports:

  • MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and higher

  • Windows 10

  • Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04

MiRoCODE V3.01

The Consequential Robotics founders would like to thank the product development team for working their socks off. To celebrate their recent achievements, some of the team attended Bot-Fest 2019, the UK's first live music and street food event incorporating robots to chill out and spend time with MiRo in the sun. Watch the short video below to hear Product Manager Izzy and George introduce MiRo to the guests at Bot-Fest.

Finally, did you know that Bristol has taken a leading role in the robotics revolution in the UK? The Telegraph article tells us why. We think MiRo looks rather pleased that the Consequential Robotics product development team are based in Bristol. As proud Bristolians, we certainly feel that the UK’s tech hub of the future has a very long and bright future in robotics.

MiRo-E modelling for the Telegraph

MiRo-E modelling for the Telegraph

We’re a busy bunch but we always have time to speak to our fellow MiRoer’s so do drop us a line, tweet or comment when you can! Until next time.